Hye Bock Fest 2018

Hye Bock Fest 2018

March 24th to 31st

Hye Bock Fest 2018

Hye Market will celebrate the first annual Hye Bock Fest in Hye Fashion.

The Market and Twisted X Brewery will have four different styles of Bock’s especially for this event and can only be consumed and purchased at Twisted X Brewery and Hye Market Restaurant & Tasting Room. Lager, Weizen Doppelbock, Biere de Mars, and Helles Bock.

Come celebrate Hye Bock Fest with a Menu Pairing created especially for Twisted X’s Bock Brews, Locally Sourced Food, Local Music, Tastings, Historical Tours, Games, and Hye Times.

Bock Fest Menu Sneak Peak:

Lager Bock with Pork Collar, Mustard Greens, Chive Crème Sauce on Rye Bread
Weizen Doppel Bock with Hye Wild Boar Brisket with Sides
Biere de Mars Bock with Andouille Sausage with Bacon Cream Gravy

Reservations are recommended on the weekends. Call 830-868-2300

Questions email info@hyemarket.com or 830-868-2300

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