Armadillo Pilgrimage 2018

Armadillo Pilgrimage 2018

Armadillo PilgrimageA pilgrimage, by definition, is “any long journey, especially one undertaken as a quest or for a votive purpose, as to pay homage.” In the late 1970s, a group of West Texas contractors, judges, truck drivers, attorneys, professionals, bankers and unprofessionals from all trades set out from Odessa on a journey to the Big Bend Region to build camaraderie by meeting and interacting with friends throughout the majestic Texas landscape. This pilgrimage allowed the intrepid group to get out in nature and take in the West Texas wilderness together. For years, these adventure seekers would spend a week at a time on the banks of the Rio Grande River, building comjunity through song, campsite cooking, and some shenanigans here and there.

When you float a river in the remote parts of Texas, you only have yourself and the team to depend on. Getting out in nature with friends and colleagues teaches you to drop your differences and learn to work as a team. Whether you spend time together around a campfire under the massive West Texas skies, or simply over a meal that everyone has contributed to, you begin to realize that we all have a lot more in common than the nighttime news would lead you to believe. This was the fabric of the original Armadillo Pilgrimage: Get out, start doing, and enjoy your surroundings.

The Armadillo Pilgrimage will be relaunched this year as Twisted X Brewing Company embarks on many new adventures. This pilgrimage is based on three pillars: Music, Food and Outdoors. The armadillo has long represented the attitude of Texas with its tough outer shell and Spanish definition (“little armored one”) while embracing the fierce independence that we Texans take great pride in. As city populations grow and attract cultures far and near, our pilgrimage is based on a “Come One, Come All” attitude and a desire for people to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that we are offered in Texas. Enjoy community around a campfire with great Texas music, a hot meal, and of course, an ice-cold Twisted X beer!

Stops Along the Armadillo Pilgrimage Tour

Stop 1: Trout’s Honor

Stop 2: Hye, Y’all

  • March 24-31st
  • Hye Market; 10261 W. Hwy 290, Hye, TX 78635
  • More information at